What was the outcome of the Revolution in Crete?

Although the Revolution in Crete did not end with the incorporation of Crete in the Greek state that was established as a result of the Greek Revolution, it did achieve the following results:

  • it contributed to the consolidation of the national consciousness of Christian Cretans as Greeks, looking forward to the Greek nation-state
  • it triggered a series of uprisings on the island which led to the establishment of the autonomous Cretan State (1898) and ultimately union with Greece (1913)
  • it contributed to the shift in the island’s demographics, marking the onset of the shrinking of the Muslim population and the predominance of the Christian element
  • it contributed to the shift in the economic situation, especially due to increasing Christian land ownership
  • it was the first workshop for the formation of a political organization on the island by the Christian inhabitants, with institutions that competed with those of the Ottoman administration
  • it signalled the start of international involvement on new terms and, by including Crete in the Philhellenic movement, the start of international public interest in the Cretan Question, which was definitively solved at the beginning of the 20th century.